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Dinner Party Prep

Co-Parenting An Elegant Meal

Planning and executing an upscale meal is time consuming; to say the least. One has grand visions of what their dinner party will be like and how the meal will turn out. There can often be something, though, that pops up to hinder the host's  culinary aspirations.

Having a Chef assist you in planning and preparing the provisions for your dinner party saves you time and headache by taking the guess work out of how to make it work.

The Chef, after settling on a menu with you, arrives in your home and brings every dish as close to completion as you'd like. Often, all that is left for you to do is reheat, plate, and garnish your dishes.

This service is popular with experienced cooks who know what they want, but want an extra hand and level of expertise to aid their meal on its way to succeeding their guest's expectations.