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Dinner Parties

Why Have A Dinner Party?

Restaurants are nice. Food that you select is prepared for and served to you. You don’t have to do any dishes or clean up; leaving you free to enjoy your friends and family. 

You can have this same experience at home - for close to the same cost!

The benefits of having a dinner party at your home can be as appetizing as the meal itself.

  • There’s no need to drive or coordinate transportation for multiple people.
  • You, as the host or hostess, can enjoy as many cocktails and as much wine as you like without having to be concerned about safety or legal implications.
  • Your meal is fully customizable. 
  • You don’t have to pick what you “dislike least” on a menu.
  • You have a direct relationship with your Chef - yes, your Chef. You don’t need to rely on a waiter to remember to convey your preferences with the person preparing your food.
  • You have full control of the flow of your meal. Dishes don’t appear at your table before you’re ready for them. There’s no rush - you run the show.

Most people who’ve experienced having a dinner party in their homes tend to make it a regular or semi-regular affair. It is a luxury that few who have the means to do so would deprive themselves of.

Dinner parties are a passion of mine. I’ve been cooking in people’s homes for two decades and enjoy few things more than bringing a fine dining experience to my clients’ doorsteps.

Contact me today so that we can have a conversation about what kind of dinner you’d like to host for your friends, loved ones, or business associates!

How It Works...

There are several ways to approach the planning of your dinner party...

Begin with a budget. You give me an either soft or firm estimate for what you would like to put towards your evening and I then provide you with options. We will cover the amount of courses as well as portion size and other aspects of the meal.

The menu-focused approach. For smaller affairs where cost is less likely to be the primary concern, we begin by putting together the menu; together. We design and then settle on the dinner's offerings - finally arriving at a number.

Live your culinary fantasy. If you're reading this, then you've probably dreamt what it would be like to have your favorite dishes or dish ideas prepared and served in your home. That trip to Modena, Italy or something you saw on Top Chef has been stuck inside of your head and you want to see it realized for you and your guests. It would be my pleasure to be involved with making that dream comes true.